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Sliced Gourmet
Toronto, ON

School Bakery and Café
Toronto, ON

Via Cibo
Calgary, AB

It’s all about that crisp. 

Everyday details. 

Herbert Lake
Jasper, Alberta, Canada

The quote “It’s about the the journey, not the destination.” has never been more true. We only stumbled upon this beauty in Jasper, passing by the right place at the right time, but it was the highlight of our trip.

Glacier Skywalk
Jasper, Alberta, Canada

Finding Stillness

Although things have gotten better with me figuring out my long-term goals, I am still being challenged every day by my own mind. Yoga—hot yoga, specifically—physically and mentally removes me from those “distractions.” It reminds me to be still. To pause, breathe and appreciate myself and my practice. 

When you encounter a bump a long the road, do not rush to the finish line. In fact, you can’t. Everything happens on its own time no matter what you do. Instead, be patient and acknowledge that the glitch isn’t based on where you are but on how you choose to react to the situation you are in.

Whatever it is you do and are passionate about, whether it is something like yoga or any other craft, remember that when you honor your practice, it will always honor you back. 

A Renewed Perspective

“Even if I were not able to find my sword, the pilgrimage along the Road to Santiago was going to help me to find myself.” ― Paulo Coelho, The Pilgrimage

Hi, everyone! Sorry for not being active for over a month! After my breakdown on my last post, ironically, things started to pick up and I’ve actually had my hands full! Well, at least it seems like I have a lot going on? I mean, I still don’t go out as much and I’m still caught onto my home-work-home routine but each day feels different somehow. Previously, I would feel defeated since, in my mind, I wasted yet another day doing the same thing as the day before. Lately, however, my days seem fuller and I feel as if I have accomplished a lot by the time I get to bed. I guess [publicly] revealing my frustrations provided me with some fresh air and renewed my perspective of everyday life. Yesterday, today or even tomorrow may be identical but I’ve been reminded that they actually have a separate and distinct function towards the whole. Each day contributes to a process; each day ends only to give way to a bigger and more significant purpose.

My breakdown also allowed me to open up myself to failure. It was the step I needed to take to finally start accepting my “weaknesses” and to [re-]acknowledge my humanity and the limitations that come with it. Since then, I’ve stopped blaming myself for what I did/didn’t do in the past, which I had believed was the root of my current situation. I’ve stopped comparing myself to others as well, wishing I was more of this and/or less of that, which did nothing but rob me of happiness. Once I let go of such external and self-imposed expectations, I began to truly see and appreciate myself in the present: who I have become, what I have got, and what I actually can do. 

Life is not a competition of who is more productive nor is it a race of who can get to the finishing line faster. Life is a pilgrimage and the path is towards you. You are the finishing line.